Delayed Opening and Early Dismissal Survey

Delayed Opening and Early Dismissal Survey

AVRSB wants to hear from you about different ways we could respond to weather and road conditions during the winter months. Student safety is a priority, and we also want to make sure students get the most learning time possible. Your input will help us understand what works best for you when winter weather happens.

You can also read our current procedures for storm days/school cancellations at

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


1. Do you think AVRSB should make “two-hour delayed school openings” part of its procedures for storm days?
A “two-hour delayed school opening” would mean bus runs would be delayed by two hours and schools would open for students two hours later than normal when more time is needed to clear the roads due to bad weather and road conditions. A “delayed school opening” announcement would be made by 6 a.m.
2. Do you think AVRSB should use an early dismissal procedure for storm days?
An early dismissal procedure would be used if the early morning weather forecast shows bad weather may be coming later in the school day. This kind of “early dismissal” would be announced by 6 am.

(There may also be times when AVRSB does not announce an “early dismissal” at 6 am, but makes a decision to close schools early unexpectedly during the school day because weather or road conditions are getting worse).
3. Are you a:
4. How do you/people in your family travel to school?

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