Kindness Project Connects Students with Community Elders

Students at Three Mile Plains District School who take part in the Literacy Support Program and Student Support Worker Program have been connecting with elders in their community–and practicing art and writing skills–through a Kindness Project.

Organized by Literacy Support worker Kate Goodwin and Student Support Worker Sharmay Beals-Wentzell, students in grades 3 to 5 had the opportunity to paint Kindness Rocks under the guidance of Ginger LeBoutilier. Afterwards, each student wrote a letter about their Kindness Rock, explaining that these rocks and their unique designs are a way of passing along kindness, gratitude and goodwill.

In keeping with the African Heritage Month 2017 theme, Passing the Torch, elders in the Three Mile Plains community were invited for a morning coffee and tea break with students, during which each guest received a painted rock and accompanying letter. For elders in the community who couldn’t travel to the school, these gifts of gratitude were hand-delivered to their homes.

Not only was this project a great way for students to practice formal letter writing and art, it has also strengthened the school-community connection and opened up great conversations!

Ms. Beals-Wentzell says there is another Kindness Project in the works for Three Mile Plains District School students in the Student Support Worker Program. They’ll be joining Student Support Worker Program participants at Falmouth District School in creating a quilt that features the patterns and codes of the Underground Railroad. The goal is to learn about the history and meaning of these designs, passed down through generations, as they learn how to sew from quilters and seamstresses in the community. Once completed, the quilt will be presented to a local church congregation. 

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