The Annapolis Valley Regional School Board believes in "Working Together for Students". Our Board members and staff are committed to working with parents, guardians and school community members to provide a positive, safe and healthy school environment that supports student success.


The information below will help you take an active role in your child's learning. AVRSB also publishes a parent/guardian guide called "Your School Board", which answers many frequently asked questions about your child's education and the role of a school board.


Your School Board

Download a pdf version of Your School Board: Parent/Guardian Information




We welcome and value your input--if you have a question that isn't covered here, please speak to the staff at your child's school or contact AVRSB by calling (902) 538-4600 (toll free 1-800-850-3887).

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Student Transfers

Answer #1

If you wish to send your child to a school other than the one serving your home address, AVRSB has a process to apply for student transfer. A transfer request is not approved automatically—it will be considered by the principals of the "sending" and "receiving" schools according to certain guidelines. If your request is approved, you are responsible for arranging transportation to and from school.

To start the process, contact your local school. Guidelines for student transfer and the “Request for Student Transfer” application form are available from your local school, or download the form here.

2. Parent/Guardian Concerns

Answer #2

If you have a concern about something at your child’s school, we want to hear from you. We will make every effort to address your concern in a timely manner. The first step is to contact your child’s teacher or the staff member involved. Most concerns can be resolved at this level. If you feel more action is needed, the next step is to speak to your child’s principal.

If the concern can’t be resolved at the school level, please contact the Supervisor of School Support Services at (902) 538-4745. If a resolution still can’t be reached, then please contact the Director of Programs and Services by calling (902) 538-4617. The last step in this process is to contact the Office of the Superintendent of Schools at (902) 538-4615. You can also call the AVRSB switchboard toll-free at 1-800-850-3887 to reach these offices.

3. Storm Days/Weather Information

Answer #3

The decision to cancel or change bus transportation and/or school schedules is taken very seriously, and we appreciate that changes like these have an impact on your family. We rely on up-to-date weather forecasts, road condition reports and real-time staff observations to make decisions like these. Safety is always our first priority.

Any cancellations or changes due to road or weather conditions are announced in several ways:

- Radio (AVR network, Magic 94.9 FM, K-Rock 89.3 FM and CBC Radio 1 in Halifax)
- Television (ATV News/Breakfast Television)
- Websites (www.avrsb.ca and radio station websites-- http://avrnetwork.com, www.magic949.ca, www.k-rock893.com, www.cbc.ca/stormcentre/ns/)
- By email or text message. Sign up to receive important announcements at www.avrsb.ca/content/notify-me.


Cancellations or changes to bus transportation and/or school schedules before the start of the school day are announced shortly after 6:00 a.m.

4. Who do I contact if my child has special needs or requires extra support at school?

Answer #4

In AVRSB, we believe in inclusive education. This means providing not only the school programs and courses that meet Nova Scotia Department of Education Public School Program requirements, but also offering a range of specialized programs, services and supports that meet the needs of all students.

If you feel your child may benefit from extra support to succeed, please speak with your child’s teacher or principal.

5. Registering for school

Answer #5

Registration for Grade Primary at AVRSB schools takes place from January to May of each year. Each school also organizes orientation days for children entering Grade Primary and their families.  To register, contact your local school. To register for Grade Primary, a child must reach her/his fifth (5th) birthday on or before December 31 of the year they enter school.

If you are new to the region, contact the school serving your new address any time during the school year to register your children. To find out which school serves your home address, call the AVRSB Transportation Department at (902) 538-4641.

6. Transportation

Answer #6

For information on school bus routes, bus stops and  schedules, or to arrange transportation for a child with special needs, contact the AVRSB Transportation Department at (902) 538-4641. During the school year, you can also contact the office at your child’s school for this information.

7. Inservice Days/Early Dismissals

Answer #7

During the school year, teachers take part in occasional inservice, administrative and professional development days. These sessions help teachers improve the skills they use in the classroom. Sometimes this means your child won’t attend school on a particular day, or your child may be dismissed early. Schools have built extra time into the school day to offset early dismissals, so students don’t miss any classroom time.

Your child’s school will notify you in advance about inservice days, holidays and other special events. Check your school’s monthly newsletter or website for information.

8. French Immersion

Answer #8

AVRSB offers a regional French Immersion program. Students from any part of the region may apply to join the program. Click here for more details on the French Immersion program and the schools that offer it.

9. Board Meetings/Making a Presentation to the Board

Answer #9

The full Board meets on the first Wednesday of every month during the school year at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room on the second floor of AVRSB’s regional office (121 Orchard Street, Berwick). In July and August, meetings are held only if requred. Special meetings or changes to the meeting schedule or location are announced at www.avrsb.ca. A public forum takes place at the end of each regular Board meeting.


Standing committees meet once a month to make recommendations for consideration/approval by the full Board at regular Board meetings. For more information on Board members and committees, see the School Board section of this site.


A person or group can arrange to appear before the Board or a Committee of the Board to express opinions or concerns, or to make proposals on any issues within the scope of the Board or Committee in question. Contact the Board Secretary at (902) 538-4675 or board.secretary@avrsb.ca  for more information.

10. Requesting High School Transcripts

Answer #10

High school transcripts are available from the last secondary school you attended. Please contact the school directly for your transcript. School contact information is available in the "Schools" section of this website.


If the school you attended no longer exists, please contact the school that replaced your former high school, or AVRSB Regional Office at (902) 538-4600.

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