Working Together for Students

The Annapolis Valley Regional School Board believes in "Working Together for Students". Our Board members and staff are committed to working with parents, guardians and school community members to provide a positive, safe and healthy school environment that supports student success.

To help families take an active role in education, information below answers many frequently asked questions. We also encourage families to take part in events at school, to communicate with school staff about your child’s learning, and to get involved in your school’s Parent/Guardian support group (School Advisory Council, Home and School Association, etc.).

We welcome and value your input. If you have other questions or need more information, please contact your child’s school, the AVRSB Regional Office (902-538-4600, toll-free 1-800-850-3887), or your Board Member.

School Year Calendars


The 2015-2016 School Year Calendar is now available. This calendar highlights major dates such as holidays, March break and marking days. Your child's school may also schedule occasional site-based in-service days; check with your school office or look in school newsletters for school-specific in-service days. You can also check your school's online calendar for school-specific events.

View the 2015-2016 School Year Calendar (pdf)



Documents and Forms    Parent/Guardian Request for Space Available Travel on Board Provided Transportation
   Extra-Curricular Transportation Support - Form "J"
   AP 402.4 Appendix A: Student Transfer Request Form
   AP403.m-1 - Request for Transfer/Sharing of Student Records/Information
   2014-2015 School Year Calendar
   Your School Board 2014-2015
   2015-2016 School Year Calendar