Working Together for Students

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Working Together Awards: AVRSB Staff Going Beyond Expectations


Every AVRSB staff member plays a part in “Working Together for Students”, and that's why we invite staff members to nominate a colleague for a "Working Together Award" each month, to recognize staff in many different roles who go above and beyond expectations in the work they do,  We're pleased to introduce you to our first Working Together Award recipients of the 2015-2016 school year:  Pam Coleman (CKRHS Cafeteria/Breakfast Program), Tabatha Durling (NMES Grade One Teacher), Alvah Grant and Kevin MacPherson (SMES Custodians), Angela Haggerty (Transportation Secretary, Regional Office), Shari Johns (MRHS Educational Assistant), Laura Langille (SDES Grade Primary/One Teacher), Lorna Morine, Shaunna Porter and Mary Nichole (GES Educational Assistants), Janice Munroe-Dodge (WHEC/WAHS Student Outreach Worker), Lawrence Parker (Kings County Student Support Worker), the Pine Ridge Middle School team, Adam Taylor (WKDHS Head Custodian), and Leta Totten (CKRHS Middle Level Physical Education Teacher). 

Believing in Yourself Key to Success, WES and TMPDS Students Learn


Students of Windsor Elementary School and Three Mile Plains District School came together on October 1 for a visit from Terry Kelly, an award-winning musician and distinguished athlete. During his visit, Kelly performed songs and shared many life lessons from his experience as a performer and former Paralymipian. Students learned about embracing “mistakes” as opportunities to learn, and that by believing in themselves and doing their best, they can achieve and succeed. 

HEC Oceans 11 Students Have a Whale of a Tale to Tell!


Students in the Oceans 11 class at Highbury Education Centre have a whale of a tale to tell after their whale-watching adventure off Brier Island on September 17. During their tour on the Bay of Fundy, students were able to spot white-sided dolphins, pelagic birds, and at least seven different humpback whales. Students observed a wide range of whale behaviour, including spyhopping, fin and tail slapping, fluking, and even several full breeches. Tour facilitator Penny Graham and the boat crew shared their wealth of whale knowledge with the students, discussing feeding habits, migration patters, and the life cycle of the humpback whale. It was a great day of experiential learning for the Oceans 11 class!

NMES Outdoor Classroom In Progress


The Outdoor Classroom at New Minas Elementary School is taking shape, thanks to the help of many community partners. Site work is underway, with a new walkway and 30 granite rocks in place for Amphitheatre-style seating among the trees. An existing gazebo on the school grounds has been upgraded to include more seating and additional teaching space. The next phase of work will include construction of an entry way to the forested area, and railings to improve access to the lower classroom. Following this, the school plans to add many native species of trees and plants, along with interpretive signs. Once complete, the outdoor classroom will be a welcoming space where students can learn and explore in a natural setting.