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Review of School Board Electoral Boundaries


The Annapolis Valley Regional School Board is currently conducting a review of the electoral boundaries of its school board districts.  School Board members are elected from specific districts. The public is invited to provide comments on the current school board electoral boundaries and provide input on possible changes and/or factors for consideration. 


Lieutenant Governor's Respectful Citizenship Award: Nomination Deadline Extended


The Lieutenant Governor's Respectful Citizenship Award recognizes students in grades Primary to 12 who are making a positive difference in their school and/or community by promoting safe, inclusive spaces where bullying behaviour is not tolerated and respect for others is encouraged. Students who receive this award for their leadership and commitment will be honoured at a ceremony with Nova Scotia's Lieutenant Governor in February 2016. The deadline for award nominations has been extended to Friday, December 18, 2015, so consider nominating a student or group for their contributions! Complete nomination details and forms are available at

Horton Student Donates Film Prize to Breakfast Program


At the recent Devour Food Film Festival in Wolfville, Horton High School student Rose Schoonhoven won the Nourish Nova Scotia Food and Film Challenge prize for her short film, The Leftovers. The film focuses on the amount of usable food wasted annually in Canada, and the significant impact of this waste. As part of her prize, Rose was able to designate a $500 donation to a charity of her choice. She has graciously donated this amount to the Horton High School Breakfast Program, to help ensure students at her school have access to healthy nutrition to start their school day. Thank you for your contribution, Rose, and for raising awareness of this important issue. To view Rose's award-winning film, click "Read More"


Working Together Awards: Positive Energy and Support


Throughout the school year we invite AVRSB staff members to nominate a colleague for a "Working Together Award", to recognize staff who go beyond expectations in working together for students and supporting coworkers. All of our current nominees have been recognized for the positive energy and support they contribute. Congratulations to  Elisabeth Brown (SDES Educational Assistant), Mary Leopold (WHEC/WAHS Custodian), Krishinda McBride (Coordinator of RCH) and April Hiltz (Mi'kmaq Services Specialist), Darlene Thomas (BRHS Vice Principal), Janice Turnbull (Middle Level Resource Teacher, CKRHS), Educational Assistants and Support Staff of Kings County Academy, and Staff of Annapolis East Elementary School!

West Kings Teacher Recognized for Making a Difference


West Kings District High School Math Teacher James Wiseman has been recognized as a "teacher who makes a difference" by the Nova Scotia Teachers Union. Wiseman is one of ten teachers in Nova Scotia to receive this honour. His nomination noted that he motivates and engages students by making classes interesting, and always takes time to ensure everyone understands a new concept. Overall, his supporters say "he's just a great teacher" (who is also a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan, which is a plus for many students!). Congratulations Mr. Wiseman, and thank you for making a difference for students.

Schools Honour Remembrance Day


Schools across AVRSB marked Remembrance Day ahead of November 11 through in-class activities and lessons, assemblies and special ceremonies to honour veterans and reflect on sacrifices made for peace and freedom. Many elementary schools, such as Windsor Forks District School, welcomed members of local Royal Canadian Legion branches to speak with students and take part in assemblies. West Kings District High School has continued its annual tradition of coordinating a special ceremony involving music, drama, and many members of the school community.